The latest addition to Artistic Licence's range of DIN rail mounting installation products, Rail-DALI provides a three way interface for DMX512, RDM (Remote Device Management), and DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface).

Architectural projects can face a technological barrier to the integration of functional and effects lighting. Functional lighting is increasingly available with a DALI interface, but most effects lighting and control systems use DMX512.

Rail-DALI solves this problem by allowing a DMX512 source to control DALI lights. It provides four optically isolated DALI outputs, allowing a total of 256 DALI lights to be controlled by DMX512. Multiple products can be linked together to provide a greater channel count when required. The product supports the very latest version of DALI by offering bidirectional data flow.

Back channel DALI information on light level and fault status is converted to RDM status information. This allows the lighting control system to monitor light status as well as control intensity.