ARRI Inc. (Booth #1635) introduces the new ARRI X Ceramic 250, employing the new Ceramic ST 250 HR discharge lamp from Philips, which produces a 3200K Tungsten quality light.

This new lamp from Philips provides almost the same light output as a 1K Halogen lamp yet consumes a quarter of its power. Besides cost savings due to the low power consumption (250W), the fixture dissipates significantly less heat than a Halogen fixture, making it a "cool" unit which can be touched with bare hands even after hours of operation.

The ARRI X Ceramic 250 is based on the design of the ARRI X Series but includes a built in ballast and igniter and can be directly plugged to power. Suited for background or fill light, it features an optional snoot and egg-crates a smooth but directional source. Alternately, you can create sharp shadows by switching to a black reflector and a clear safety glass. The unit provides a wide spread and is ideal for lighting situations in narrow spaces where maximum output is required.

Features include: 250W/90-265VAC/50-60Hz; 4000hrs lamp lifetime; hot restrike; 21200lm light output (lamp Ceramic ST 250 HR); built-In ballast; flicker free operation (90Hz); low thermal stress to performers; and longer lifetime for color gels.

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