Elation Professional, the North American distributor of Antari products, has introduced to professional lighting directors, club lighting installers, and professional DJs three models from fog machine-manufacturer Antari’s new Z Series: Z-1200, Z-1500 and Z-3000.

As with all Antari products, the new fog machines feature onboard DMX control, timer and wireless remotes, innovative thermal control. All three units also offer fast re-cycle periods of 35–40 seconds and all-aluminum heater blocks.

Designed for professional DJs and clubs, the Z-1200 Pro Fog Generator features a 1250W heater and comes equipped with Antari’s ECO thermal control–a patented new technology that allows stable output and reduces warm-up times, while increasing fog volume and duration. Within 10 minutes of switching on, the Z-1200 generates a continuous flow of 18,000 cubic feet of fog per minute. It has a tank capacity of 2.5L and no long duty cycle. The Z-1200 is armed with onboard DMX control; it can be connected to any DMX-512 standard controller to work in concert with other lighting equipment and effects for a synchronized light show. A Z-8 timer remote control is included with the Z-1200, and a Z-9 wireless remote is optional.

Slightly larger than the Z-1200, the Z-1500 Pro Fog Generator is designed for large clubs, theatres, and concert halls. It features a Z-2 remote control with a multi-functional LCD screen so the user can control the duration, interval, and volume of fog produced. The LCD screen clearly displays each parameter in seconds and percentages for accurate programming. When operating in DMX mode, the Z-2 can also be used to select the Z-1500’s onboard DMX channels from anywhere in the room. With a 1500W heater and a warm-up time of only 11 minutes, the Z-1500 produces 20,000 cubic feet of smoke per minute. The 6L tank consumes fog fluid at a rate of 28 min/liter. The Z-1500’s Unicore technology and ECO II thermal control system ensure that the unit performs consistently.

The Z-3000 boasts the same features as the Z-1500 but adds a 3,000W heater to double the maximum fog output: 40,000 cubic feet of fog per minute. The Z-3000 is the workhorse of the Z Series and is suitable for any club, concert hall, or theatre.