Among the many products from various manufacturers on the TMB booth was The Saddle by All Access. It joins two pieces of truss in a perpendicular connection in order to create a 90° angle on a horizontal grid, enabling one piece of truss to travel along the surface of the anchor truss at a 90° angle without the interference of diagonals. Tests show that The Saddle has a load capacity larger than the truss bolted to it.

Also at TMB was the Core Point30-IP65, a high-brightness, high-color LED light with battery power and wireless-DMX, IP65-rated for outdoor use. The LEDs produce 2500lm with saturated colors. Battery life is minimum 12 hours with six hours charging time. Setup is via phone or laptop through WiFi and the Master-DMX facility eliminates a lighting desk.

TMB also showed Kinesys’ Evo Hoist Controller, a variable speed chain hoist controller designed to comply with the BGV C1 life-safety standard. It offers true zero-speed performance for ultra-slow movement cues and instantaneous starts. An integrated loadcell provides precise load information, while dual encoders offer accurate and secure positioning. A rugged metal enclosure houses the controller, offering truss and rack mounting options. Evo is compatible with Kinesys K2 software, and both one-ton 40ft/minute and half-ton 80ft/minute hoist options are available. The universal controller can be used with either size of hoist, motor-up or motor-down with no alterations required.

The DVI Parrot by Carallon is a user-configurable EDID emulator. EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) is a message, normally stored in computer monitors and other display devices, that computer graphics cards must see in order to function properly. An EDID emulator is necessary wherever devices with graphics cards, such as hard-disk video recorders, laptops, and media servers are connected to projectors, plasma screens, LED displays, matrix switchers, format convertors, etc. Disconnecting DVI cables without EDID emulation in place can also cause problems which may ruin your show. The Parrot offers complete configurable control, allowing quick and easy modification of all EDID parameters, simplifying system set-up and trouble-shooting, especially of the large complex video systems that are becoming so popular.

Of course, Green Hippo’s UberPan, which won a Debuting Product award, was also on the TMB stand. It is a universal solution to combine multiple outputs and create one large canvas of very high resolution, split across different display devices such as projectors, LED walls, or monitors. The seamless integration means a simplified workflow where users upload high resolution media and UberPan will split and redistribute the media automatically. The Canvas designer allows for fast and simple setup of very complex systems.