The Eclipse Version 5.1 digital matrix intercom system can now link seamlessly to Clear-Com’s IP-enabled V-Series control panels and Concert Version 2.0 software-based intercom system. This version is at the center of the Hybrid Time-Divisional Multiplexing intercom/IP server network concept, which extends the reach of intercom systems across a facility. The IP-linking capability, enabled by the new IVC-32 IP matrix card, establishes a single communications environment between all traditional hardware and IP-based intercom users in a facility. New Logic MaestroTMand Production MaestroTM modules for the Eclipse Configuration Software promote fast configuration setups. The IVC-32 card is a 32-channel IP matrix based on the company’s new I.V.Core technology, a set of building blocks and engines enabling realtime, dynamic, and non-blocking intercom capabilities over a standard IP network. I.V.Core can handle several voice communications simultaneously and can scale effectively to higher numbers of users while tolerating and optimizing poorer quality or traffic-laden IP networks.