This is going to sound like a cliché, but I never knew how amazing it was to have a kid until my son was born. For nine months, my wife had that thing from the Alien movie crawling around in her, and I was amazed and scared at the same time (thank you, Ridley Scott), but when he was born, and I saw him for the first time, it was truly awe-inspiring. A couple years of later, when we decided that our grandkids deserved cousins, our daughter was born, and our family was complete. We had done our part to keep the 2.3 children per family average going strong. After having this experience, I can understand the desire for families to grow, and with that, I am proud to announce the latest arrival in the Meyer Sound MILO speaker family: MINA.

A single MINA speaker is just over a foot and a half long and weighs only 47lbs—definitely the baby in the family—but don’t let size fool you. It has more power than your typical trap box in a fraction of the size. You could hide this little one in a fake rock and blow out some amazing sounds at theme park patrons. The speaker can produce up to 128dB SPL over its wide 100° horizontal coverage area.

It’s is an excellent choice for smaller theatres, as well. It gives you a chance to do some impressive surround effects, and it can evenly cover even the smallest house. This box is so small that no one will have a problem hanging it.

It’s also designed to combine seamlessly with other members of the MILO family, making it a system that can grow to fit the needs of a production. When added to the bottom of a MILO, MINA can add crucial front-fill coverage without blowing the audience away. The M'elodie is MINA’s big sister—a natural partner—and MINA can also perform any number of larger jobs when using big brother MICA. Meyer’s 500-HP compact high-power subwoofer, or Uncle Low-End, makes the perfect complement to MINA, producing a peak SPL of 135dB at 1m over its 35Hz - 140Hz operating frequency range.

There are many places that could benefit from using these little guys. Recently, I took my kids to Chuck E. Cheese, and we were watching the ShowBiz Pizza Band. They sounded awful. Put an array of MINAs on either side of the animatronic stage, and it would rock. Chuck E. himself might even be impressed.

MINA is a two-way system using Meyer’s new three-channel Class-D power amplifier. Inside the box are two all-new neodymium magnet 6.5” cone drivers and a 1.5” voice coil that are designed specifically to meet the low-frequency requirements of the system. Each is powered by its own amplifier channel. With the addition of the MINA to the MILO family, Meyer Sound proves that size is important because sometimes you need a big sound in a small box.