Analog Way has released Smart MatriX, a high-end scaled matrix with native hi-res output and four scalers. Advanced matrix features and various effects make it appropriate for high-end installations and houses of worship applications requiring the display of several sources on multiple screens.

With up to 12 inputs, including four fitted with SDI and two fitted with DVI-D, and 100% digital processing, the system also outputs digital and analog signals in DVI and VGA (RGBHV) simultaneously with a selection of many formats from HDTV to Computer 2K. It offers a 12x2 scaled native matrix mode with seamless switching. The switch between any of the 12 inputs can be in cut or fade and synchronized on the two outputs.

In addition, Smart MatriX offers PIP features in matrix mode: up to two PIPs can be displayed on a still background by output, one PIP on a still background with seamless effects, or one PIP with title effects on a live background. PIPs can be customized by the users with various attributes: borders, movements, pan, and zoom resizing up to 1,000%; open/close animation; flying, zooming, and cropping PIPs; cut, fade, and wipe.

A mirror function allows display of a PIP sent on the first output on the second output. The PIP size and position are automatically restored on the second display, reducing the number of manipulations for the operator. The user can select axial or non-axial symmetry for the PIP sent on the second output.

Logo and full frame can be recorded in the non-volatile memory: eight still logos, including an animated one, and eight full screen frames. These elements can be uploaded from computer files via Ethernet LAN or RS232 connections or acquired from the displayed image.

The integrated audio stereo switcher features 12 inputs (eight analog and four from embedded SDI) and two outputs. An additional auxiliary input can be mixed into any output. Master volume and individual input level can be adjusted. Each input and output offers balanced or unbalanced connections.

The video output card provides SD or HD TV formats in various signals from composite video to HD SDI. This output can be used to record the show through four different display modes. Thanks to a new non-proprietary link, the video out can be used with any cable. The unit is fully controllable via its supplied remote control software, from the Orchestra, or from the new Axion 2 remote consoles, and it is equipped with TCP/IP and dual RS232.

Smart MatriX is also available in a Light Edition.