Okay, so not "no" lamp, but projectiondesign’s latest creation, which debuted February 2-4 at Integrated Systems Europe, places the hot lamp with its noisy fans up to 30m away from the projector unit itself. The Dutch manufacturer hasn’t had much of a presence in the entertainment industry, specializing in higher fidelity, lower brightness environments like medical imaging, cinema post-production and very, very high-end home cinema. However, their latest innovation with the FR12 projector may provide the company with a unique entrance. The FR12 connects to its rack-mounted lamp unit via a Liquid Light Guide (LLG), a fiber-optic connector with a liquid core – essentially a "fat pipe" for light. Which means the projector is absolutely silent, and the lamp is in an accessible and easy-to-service location.

If the other models in the F12 line are an accurate judge (full technical specifications have not yet been released), the FR12 should come in at a brightness of around 4,000 lumens—not terribly bright, but bright enough to fit perfectly into some unique applications. As a side development, I’m extremely interested in what applications exist for the LLG technology in other places on the stage.