Responding to demand for more of its Selador™ LED lighting fixtures, ETC has introduced two color-spectrum-specific versions: Fire and Ice. Fire features a warm wash of saturated reds, oranges, and ambers, while Ice provides a palette of deep indigo, blue, cyan, green (and a touch of red)—a full gamut of blue washes. Part of the Selador Vivid™ range, these fixtures equal or exceed the brightness performance of conventional tungsten PAR fixtures, consuming less than 70W of power compared in a typical color application. The units are "green" choices for any lighting application, as they replace high-powered single-color warm and cool conventional fixtures for theatres, broadcast, houses of worship, or themed environments.

ETC has also upgraded its Vivid fixture—featuring high—power Luxeon® Rebel LEDs and high-efficiency lenses—to the greener new Vivid™-R, which provides a 50% increase in output over the original fixture while consuming 10% less power.