The eighth edition of Timegate Porrentruy in Switzerland attracted people from all over Europe to celebrate this annual New Year’s event, which has become a “cult classic.”

After Timegate 2011, which focused on a light show, visual mapping was introduced in 2012. Robert Naescher of Impact-Vision worked on the global design scheme, an innovative video project, complete with an impressive light and laser show.

A production team comprised of Robert Naescher, Yuan Fochesato (coordinator VJ), and Antoine Gogniat (video director), endeavored to find technical solutions for the video installation, materials selection, hanging panels, and VJ output for three different media areas: left wing, left wing panel and LED development, and timecode countdown.
The biggest challenge was to manage the fact that there were several VJs, several destinations, and oval mapping to achieve. We decided to use a master system (Mac Pro) that accommodates various VJs and was directed to three different destinations (two map and a processing resolution) with Modul8 and MadMapper.

Our scenes were often focused on the physical structure. This year we wanted to hide it, keep it as support for technical equipment, but also bond our oval white-lacquered wood, 24 white ovals, and a central LED screen that served as our surface projection. Obviously distances, reliefs, and precise location were mandatory, and that is what took the most work to install. Lights and lasers were installed later. The locations were studied and implemented in the plan. The scene was designed in 10:3 format. No decor was lower than certain limit to keep an overview over the main floor, which was important for shooting pictures and videos. Lighting was installed over the main floor to add relief and depth to about 30 decorative sets managed with integrated LED light and darkness to bring out the contours of the decor.

For lasers, we had two in back, the other five located all over the stage, to create a panorama. They were connected and controlled via Pangolin Lasers System software, with DMX control for a stunning laser light show.

And of course, we had a countdown timer, time-coded: light, lasers, and video sound—an exceptional show for an ultra great guest experience. The beautiful end result earned a lot of positive feedback. Next step: Timegate 360​​° and a design that pushes the creative boundaries even further!

Creative Team
Robert Naescher, Production Designer, Laser Programmer
Mario Torchio, Lighting Programmer
Yann Zieschank, Installation Director
Yvan Fochesato, VJ Coordinator
Antoine Gogniat, Video Director

1 MA Lighting grandMA 2 light
12 Robe Robin 600
16 Clay Paky Alpha Spot 700
8 Martin Professional MAC 250
8 Chromlech Jarag-5 (5x5 matrix)
8 Martin Professional Atomic 3000
20 LED Projector
24 12W RGB LED
30 Wall LED Washer
20 UV 400W
19 Digistrip LED
2 400mW Green Laser
2 3.5W Green Laser
2 8W Multicolor Laser
1 10W Multicolor Laser
2 Eiki LC-XT5 Projector (With optic 0.8)
30 800/800mm SMD pitch 25mm LED Screen
5 Pyro Flame Unit