Rumor is state-of-the-art, 10,000sq-ft nightclub located in center city Philadelphia. It opened in September 2011 and was constructed in a vacant space, formerly a depository. This presented challenges as well as opportunities; the vault is now the VIP room, but getting HVAC and plumbing inside required coring through 24” of reinforced concrete.

Aurora Sound & Light Design played a critical role in the design, working together with the owners and architect to create a world-class nightclub experience while remaining within the parameters of available space and budget. The main dance room features an all-Meyer Sound system, an LED gird ceiling, and an MA Lighting grandMA2 ultra-lite console. Other highlights include a 40’ fully illuminated color-changing bar, custom built illuminated bottle service tables, a color-changing hallway, and a CO2 jet system.

Creative Team
Ian Hoffer (Aurora Sound & Light Design LLC), Lighting, Sound, Video Designer

4 Meyer CQ-2
6 Meyer HP-600
2 Meyer UPJ-1P
1 Meyer UMS-1P
2 Pioneer CDJ-2000
2 Technics SL1200 MKII
1 Pioneer DJM-900
1 Rane SL-3
1 Shure ULXS24/Beta87Q
1 BSS Blu-160
4 BSS Blu-Bob
1 Waves Maxx-BCL
1 Marshall V-R151VP-AFSD
1 Middle Atlantic RM-KB
6 Elation Professional Platinum Beam
97 Acclaim X-Tube Pro
4 Diversitronics MK3600 Strobe
24 Diversitronics DS-5 Strobe
1 Doug Fleenor Design DMX-To-Analog Converter
3 Doug Fleenor Design DMX Splitter
1 Ultratec Radiance Hazer
1 MA Lighting grandMA2 ultra-lite
2 Elation Opti Tri Par
6 Elation Event Brick
20 Elation Flex Cool White LED Tape
2 Ultratec Co2 Jet