The GEOINT Symposium is the nation’s largest and most recognized event of the year, where attendees and exhibitors from the defense, intelligence, and homeland security communities gather to learn from leading experts, share best practices, and uncover the latest developments from government, military, and private-sector leaders in geospatial intelligence.

Collaborating once again with long time partner and executive producer Penchant Productions, USGIF set out to make this year’s event bigger and better than ever. Penchant assembled a team of experts to execute USGIF’s vision and theme “Forging Integrated Intelligence.”

For the second year in a row, Lionfish Design created an environment provided by Southwest Scenic that transformed the ballroom into a giant 160’ cyclorama without any projection screens. Every bit of material including an array of amazing animation, graphics, and video, developed in collaboration with Intertain Productions, was projected onto the cyclorama. None of this could have been accomplished without the audio-visual experts at Alford Media Services, who provided all of the equipment and as usual, a top-notch crew. Eric Hagstrom led an amazing team as technical director, keeping the project on time and under budget. Video and projection gurus, Steve Lindsay and Jimmy Palasota, seemed to have their work cut out for them but as usual, made it look easy. Travis Reedy directed a flawless and complicated show.

The primary directive in achieving this immersive experience was the desire by USGIF to “surround” their attendees with meaningful and impactful information and make them feel part of the experience not just spectators. The secondary challenge was creating a “seamless” canvas to project ultra-widescreen content without losing any resolution or imagery.

Lastly, all of the custom graphics had to be created at a spectacular 9,000 pixels wide, which created its own design challenges, but the payoff was a stunning experience that would rival any IMAX theater in the world.

As corporate events go, the GEOINT Symposium is a fascinating and impactful conference where information affecting our national security is shared. Most of the presentations cover the latest in satellite, imaging and intelligence technologies and how those can be used to protect the United States from various threats from natural disasters to terrorism. As event producers, we are fortunate to have such a gripping and intriguing subject matter to work with and create a compelling conference for every attendee.

The GEOINT 2011 Symposium was a success on many levels. USGIF concluded its largest ever GEOINT Symposium, attracting 4,451 attendees and exhibitors from the defense, intelligence and homeland security communities.

Creative Team
Todd Thompson, Executive Producer
Emile Wolsky, Creative Director
Jeff Newberger, Set Designer
Event Director, Travis Reedy
Alford Media Services


10 Barco FLM HD20 Video Projectors
HD Production & 5 Encore Switcher System
3 GVG LDK 500 Digital Camera System
4 PlaybackPro Systems

1 High End Systems Road Hog Lighting Console Kit
1 Dimmer 48 x 2.4K
18 ETC Source Four
24 Fresnel 10" – 2,000W
16 Martin Professional MAC 2000 Performance
8 Martin Professional MAC 550 Spot
24 Coemar PARlight LED