The "MONIKA PRIMAL" show is a music performance based on a story written by the artist herself, Monica.

The chosen method to create the visual narrative consisted in using a blank canvas, on which we could tell the story projecting images. Therefore we designed the stage as a white box without the front side (down stage).

The briefing given to our video content creators was to transform the white set into a magical environment through their art.

Lighting was set up in order to be used in as "surgical" a way as possible so
a) it would not affect the front projection;
b) it would be dynamic for the songs where there was no video.

Our goal was to achieve 22 template looks, which is the same number as the
songs are.

The biggest challenge was represented by the production time. We had to set up the whole production in 3 days. In this case, if something goes wrong, there is no time to fix the problem. This challenge was addressed very well thanks to the previsualisation software and by perfecting the whole scenario of the video in advance. In this matter we used Wysiwyg visualizer three weeks ahead at the “LIGHTING ART” office in Athens.

At the same time “Watergun” from Madrid worked on another four songs of the show. It was very important for us to do the show by using Projectors, rather than LED screens. We have emphasized to the cinematic feeling thats why we chose HD format projectors.The special consideration of this project was to rigorously keep the set white: even the cables were white to act as a surface for 3D mapping and color canvas.

The show was held at the new theater of Onassis Cultural Center, where we had excellent cooperation and support.

Lighting Equipment List:

  • 08 x MARTIN TW1
  • 08 x ETC S4 5°
  • 12 x ETC S4 14°
  • 30 x ETC S4 19°
  • 36 x ADB FRESNEL 1200W 13°-59°
  • 01 x ADB FRESNEL 5000W
  • 08 x ADB WARP 800W
  • 08 x SGM GIOTTO SPOT 700W
  • 12 x SGM GIOTTO WASH 1500W
  • 01 x LYCIAN M2 2500W
  • 04 x MARTIN ATOMIC 3000


Video Equipment List:

  • 01 x BARCO 18000 HD
  • 02 x BARCO 12000 HD
  • 02 x BARCO 8000 HD


Design Team:

  • Production Manager: Archangel
  • Lighting and Set Design: George Tellos
  • Video Contents Design: Watergun, George Polizos, George Tellos
  • Lighting Programer: Phil Hills

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