They do things big in both cities. Naturally, Dallas Cowboy Stadium was chosen as the venue for dinner for 900. There’s no such thing as small scale in Cowboy Stadium and HGLD rose to the challenge. Working with Ward & Ames, HGLD lit a 115’ high by 120’ wide cyc  & stage.

Upon entering, the guests were ushered onto the field by a simulated runway lit by HES Showguns, MAC 700s and 130 running feet of ColorBlaze on each side. Strobes completed the effect.

The audience processed down the runway and into the side of the field with the stage.  a variety of lighting gear lit the 3 huge cycs Including 32 Martin MAC III Profiles, 28 Philips Vari*Lite VL3000 Profiles, and 14 High End Systems Intellaspots. creating over 25 different complex cyc looks ensuring that no gobo shifts were ever seen and that the cyc never faded out throughout the evening. Emirates Logos backlit the cyc in a crisp, bright imprimatur.   

Audience lighting was provided by 60 Martin Professional MAC Auras placed on two 150’-long trusses and 12 VL3000 washes The Auras not only provided elegant ambient dinner lighting but due to their zoom capability were able to turn into dance lighting later in the evening.

Stage lighting was provided by ten HES Showguns, from 120’ away working as a far “balcony rail” shot.  Three Lycian followspots highlighted the performers.

A backlight system consisted of 14 VL3500 Wash units and 12 VL3000 Spots. The backlight trimmed at 70’ for a stage that was 16’ deep, The whole show was about working on a scale equal to the stadium.  For example the Intellaspots, sat 125’ high in the top row @ the 50yd line, had a 120’-long throw to the cyc.

As always seems to be the case with such projects, the time frame was enormously fast, The team got on site at 6pm on Sunday night, three lighting trucks arrived, with dress rehearsal scheduled for noon on Tuesday The cueing took place from 9pm to 4am on Monday into Tuesday. We worked three shifts of electrics crews.

HGLD also designed and lit the entryway and other rooms in the stadium.

Equipment List:

  • 8 70° Source Four
  • 26 CK ColorBlaze 72
  • 40 ColorBlast
  • 10 Cyberlight
  • 4 Cyberlight Mark 2
  • 20 Data Flash
  • 2 Fan
  • 8 Hazer
  • 14 HES Intellaspot
  • 6 MAC 700
  • 60 MAC Aura (Hung)
  • 30 Mac3-Profile
  • 12 RGBW PAR
  • 16 Showgun
  • 42 VL3000 Spot
  • 18 VL3500 Spot
  • 30 VL3500 Wash
  • 24 GDS LiteWare Satellite up-lighters
  • 2 Grand MA 1 consoles multiple NSP
  • 3 Lycian long throw spots



  • Client: Emirates Airlines
  • Venue: Dallas Cowboy Stadium
  • Producer: Ward & Ames of Houston, Danny Ward & Nancy Ames
  • Lighting Design: Herrick Goldman of HG Lighting Design inc
  • Associate LD: Susan Nicholson
  • Programmer: Paul Sonnleitner
  • Gaffer: Rob Baxter
  • Production Managers: Joeseph Linbeck & Terry Corey (Ward & Ames)
  • Scenic Design: Peter Crawford
  • Lighting Rentals Chris McMeen of Christie Lites & Gemini Lights Houston

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