Robert Juliat (booth #1232) will be showcasing a number of new products at ETS-LDI.

New 1000W LUTIN 306L

Totally redesigned:

  • Interchangeable lens holders (Plano-convex, Fresnel, Pebble-convex)
  • Direct access to the lamp through a large trapdoor on the top.
  • Easy-to-set focus position for each type of lens with graduated scale marker and pointer.
  • Exclusive new RJ handle allowing very fast and easy electrical maintenance.
  • Inner cable-guide to prevent cables from blocking the mirror.
  • Very smooth and fast beam setting from spot to flood.


The JALOUSIE 2 comes with a totally new drive assembly. What’s new:

  • Auto Sensing Universal Power Supply: 90-250VAC 50/60Hz.
  • Automatic repositioning in case the shutter must be reset due to jamming.
  • No motor setup procedure required.
  • New LCD display for easy setup and parameter controls.
  • Menu includes:

  • Choice of two modes: HTP or LTP.
  • Choice of the dimmer curve: Linear Motor (LM) or Linear Light (LL).
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German.
  • Available in 4 aperture sizes (in mm): 206, 280, 340, 404
  • Adaptor plates available.

New HMI 1200W SUPER KORRIGAN 1149 7-14,5°

The Korrigan 1011+ now gets the SX double condenser optical system and becomes the Super Korrigan 1149. What’s new :

  • High performance double condenser optical system (25% more light).
  • “A” size gobo holder.
  • Large ergonomic handle.
  • New 4 blade dimming shutter.
  • Options:

  • Horizontal chopper (shutters).
  • DMX dimming control.
  • Heavy duty adjustable yoke.
  • 6 way color changer with Push/Pull system.
  • 5500 => 3400K color correction filter on flip lever.
  • For More Information: