The Lycian Midget II (booth #421), model 1212, has received formal CE approval. The Midget II which supersedes the long lived Clubspot was built in a 230V 50Hz version with the European market in mind as well as a 120V 60Hz version for the North American market. The CE version operates with a 800W Philips lamp.

The Midget II CE approval closely follows the recent approval of the 1294 SuperArc 4K Xenon making both the value leader and flagship model in the Lycian line CE.

“The continuing process of submitting product for CE testing is clear proof that Lycian intends to offer the European market a quality line of followspots that meets all applicable standards,” says Steve Lerman, director of sales and marketing. ”The Lycian line is very extensive and should offer a viable alternative to the domestic products. We plan to submit several more followspots for CE approval.”