Leviton’s new miniZ Intelligent Daylight Management System combines occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and flexible lighting control functionality in a single, compact, easy-to-install package.

A self-contained, self-configuring daylight harvesting system that provides easy installation and simplified set up, miniZ meets a wide variety of commercial lighting needs, from basic switching to multi-zone daylight harvesting.

miniZ’s automated setup functions ease the process of harvesting natural daylight while taking into account varying environmental conditions. The system’s exclusive AutoCal™ feature automates photocell calibration, establishing maximum light output levels and calculating light loss factors to result in consistently accurate lumen output.

When used with Leviton’s LV 200 or LV240 Low-Voltage Lighting Controller, miniZ offers a ladderless commissioning™ feature: users simply set up the system and adjust it from the wall-mounted LV200 or LV240 Controller, rather than having to climb a ladder to fine-tune adjustments as natural light levels vary.

miniZ additionally affords users a simple and cost-effective way to comply with code requirements to individually control fixture circuits near windows to respond to daylight levels. By simply combining Leviton photocells and low-voltage occupancy sensors, contractors, specifiers, facility managers and end-users can achieve a complete energy management solution for virtually any application environment, from classrooms to cafeterias and office spaces, to take advantage of natural daylight. miniZ is no more difficult to wire than a traditional power pack.