Genlyte Controls, the Dallas-based controls of Genlyte Group LLC, announces new products and technologies to be unveiled at the 2005 ETS-LDI tradeshow in Orlando, FL, on November 11, 2005.

The new products and technologies will include the VL500™ Wash Luminaires, Marquee™ Lighting Console Software Version 3.0, Marquee™ Remote Focus Unit, Marquee™ Remote Video, Marquee™ USB to DMX Interface, Intelligent Raceway™ Control Module, Color Fx™ Color Mixing Downlights, LyteScene™ Touch Screen Master Station, and the LYTEmode™ Wireless Control Unit.

Based upon the 1994 Emmy® Award-winning design, all models of the Vari-Lite VL500™ Wash luminaire contain the patented and innovative DICHRO*TUNE™ radial color mixing system which employs three sets of 16 radially mounted dichroic blades (blue, amber, and magenta) designed to produce smooth, full spectrum color cross-fades. This multi-faceted luminaire is available in four models: VL500™ Wash luminaire (120V or 230V), VL500D™ Wash luminaire (120V or 230V), VL500A™ Wash luminaire (575W or 700W), and the VL500™ 80V Wash luminaire.

Designed for Entertainment Technology by Horizon Control Inc., Marquee software version 3.0 will introduce the Effects Editor, Independent Attribute Timing, Fanning Tools, and support for Touch Screens for the Marquee lighting control consoles.

Utilizing standard 802.11b WIFI technology, the handheld Marquee™ Remote Focus Unit, by Entertainment Technology, allows lighting designers and programmers to access Marquee console programming screens such as the Fixture Grid, Cue Lists, Virtual Look Master handles, Macro Buttons, and tools such as Fixture Check, Flash Fixture and Flash Output.

The Marquee™ Remote Video Unit, by Entertainment Technology, allows any Windows® XP® computer utilizing the Marquee PC software to become a Remote Video Station through an Ethernet connection to the Marquee console itself. This will give lighting designers or stage managers the ability to view various programming screens from a remote location.

The Marquee™ USB to DMX Interface, by Entertainment Technology, allows any Windows® XP® computer utilizing the Marquee PC software to output 1024 DMX channels. The USB to DMX Interface also features additional USB ports, Remote Trigger inputs and Marquee expansion ports for additional hardware controls. This device transforms a standard computer into a Marquee lighting controller.

Through an LCD display and easy-to-use control buttons, the new Intelligent Raceway™ Control Module, by Entertainment Technology, allows lighting designers and electricians to configure the dimmers through the menu settings of the Raceway without the need of an outside computer source.

The Entertainment Technology Color Fx™ Color Mixing Downlight is the industry’s first architectural downlight featuring the patented VARI*LITE® color mixing system. This unique technology employs CYM (cyan, yellow, magenta) blending that uses dichroic glass filters to provide a virtually unlimited color spectrum. Unlike gels or standard glass filters, dichroic filters do not absorb light, therefore lumen output remains high from pure white light across a spectrum of 16 million colors. The Color Fx is available in three trim options; Narrow Flood, Wide Flood, and Wall Wash.

The LyteScene™ Touch Screen Master Station, by Lightolier® Controls, captures and simulates the control panel functions of any selected LYTEmode™ Network Master Station or Partition Control in real time. With only a few simple touches of the screen, adjustments can be made to any individual channel or “scene” presets in any room in the system. LyteScene Master Stations are conveniently compatible with both Lightolier® Controls’ Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) Dimming Cabinets, as well as Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) Dimming Panels.

Designed to communicate with any Master Station or Partition Control located on the LYTEmode™ Architectural Controls Network, The LYTEmode Wireless Control Unit, by Lightolier Controls, provides real-time individual channel control, control of 13 “scenes” plus “Off”, adjustable fade times, graphic representation of channel intensities, and lighting control status. Detailed Master Station setup features are also accessible including name assignment to individual channels or “scenes”, adjusting LED intensity of the Master Station pushbuttons, enabling Auto-Cycle modes, enabling Alarm modes, and control over station lockout.

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