ETC officially launches its new Congo™ lighting control console in the North American market at ETS-LDI in Orlando, November 11-13. Shipping worldwide, Congo has already been ordered by major network TV shows and theatres in the US. Congo previously controlled hundreds of automated and conventional lights as well as LEDs and media servers, via ETCNet2™ show protocol, at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Visitors to ETC’s booth at LDI will get an up-close look at the console, which combines ETC and Avab design expertise to master demanding multimedia productions. With Congo, independent channels such as worklights, conductor lights, followspots, and smoke-machine control can be moved to a special section unaffected by the rest of the system. Over 200 moving-light templates and 30+ Dynamic Effects are provided within the console, with the ability to build and edit new ones.

For those interested in going beyond the Congo booth demo at LDI, ETC Controls product manager Sarah Clausen will lead a day-long LDInstitute™ seminar about the new lighting control system. Attendees, whether novice or experienced, will have the opportunity to work hands-on with Congo, learning about its innovative programming style and functionality. Clausen will also introduce board operators to Congo’s direct access command structure and graphical display environment. Visitors to ETC’s LDI 2005 booth will also see the latest development in the ETC Source Four® spotlight line. The Source Four can now be equipped the Enhanced Definition Lens Tube (EDLT) optional lens tube, which provides superior peojected images. The Source Four EDLT option is a must-see for users seeking crispness and high-contrast in image projection.

The ETC booth will also feature Sensor+® SineWave, the advanced dimming technology that eliminates the acoustical interference of lamp-filament noise, while saving on lamp-replacement costs and energy bills. UL tested and listed, Sensor+ SineWave is the solution for noise-sensitive lighting environments such as theatres, television studios, and churches.

Showgoers can also register at ETC’s booth (#612) for ETC product drawings. Each day at LDI, ETC will give away one certificate for a Source Four fixture with EDLT option. Trade show attendees can also nominate a US high school or college to win ETC’s LDI grand prize: an ETC Smart Solutions™ package, including a SmartFade™ 1248 console, two SmartBar™ dimmer bars, two SmartStands™ crank-up stand units, four Source Four PAR EA’s, and Source Four Jr Zooms. Nominations can be made in person at the show or via ETC’s Web site (ETC reps, dealers, and employees may not nominate.) The grand-prize drawing will be held the final day of LDI, Sunday, November 13th, 2005.