Envision is a new kind of conference designed to delve into the art and design of storytelling from a variety of perspectives—lighting, sound, video, scenic, cinematography, direction, choreography, new media--and discuss how we merge them all into a series of experiences so captivating and compelling that we capture new audiences and compel old audiences to stay interested.

Envision takes place in Monterery, CA, on September 19-21, 2013, bringing together the best and brightest innovators and practitioners in theatre, film, TV, dance, concerts, themed entertainment, gaming, and more to discuss what’s happening now and to share their views on what’s next.

Bran Ferren of Applied Minds serves as creative consultant, hosting a list of future-thinking speakers including: Sakchin Bessette, Moment Factory; Bob Bonniol, Mode Studios; screenwriter Marshall Brickman; Nolan Bushnell, founder/Atari; filmmaker William Cusick; Adam Davis, TAIT; sound designer Jonathan Deans; television producer Roger Goodman; digital guru Michael Hawley; architect/artist/composer Christopher Janney; Xeni Jardin, Boing Boing; lighting designer Anne Militello; inventor Ralph Osterhout; Juliette Powell, author of 33 Million People in the Room; choreographer Patrice Regnier; Leslie Rotenberg, PBS children’s media; Ray Steinman, producer Ultra Music Festival; Bruce Vaughn, Walt Disney Imagineering; director Evan Yionoulis; and Michael Zyda USC GamePipe Laboratory.

"If you are a designer, writer, artist, technician, engineer, programmer, or inventor, please come to join in the festivities and contribute to the discussion, as we bring together a unique set of practicing visionaries to explore the future,"says Envision’s creative consultant, Bran Ferren.

“The future of design and technology for live events presents both a challenge and an opportunity,” says David Johnson of Live Design. “This is an exciting new event for us, and we are intrigued by the idea of creating a blueprint for the next generation of our industry.”

Envision invites you to Monterey this September to help invent the future.

Complete details and online registration at: www.envisionsymposium.com