DPL Production Lighting Ltd used Chroma-Q™ Color Web 125 and a Green Hippo Hippotizer media server to provide a high resolution visual effects backdrop for the Jazz World Stage at this year’s Glastonbury Festival in the UK.

DPL is one of the first UK production companies to purchase the new 125mm version of the LED webbing system and has used it on a number of events since adding the panels to its rental stock.

DPL owner Darren Parker had already taken a large quantity of Chroma-Q™’s Color Block multi-purpose LED fixture into rental stock for use on various projects, so decided to investigate their Color Web when he needed to source a video-based, configurable LED display surface.

Parker needed a high-resolution visual effects backdrop to use as part of his production lighting pitch for the Jazz World Stage at Glastonbury, so after seeing the Color Web in the press and on TV, he contacted Chroma-Q™ exclusive distributor A.C. Lighting to arrange a demo.

He comments, “I was amazed that I could still see the Color Web in daylight after walking about 175 meters away from it, so knew it would be ideal for the all-day lineup on the stage.”

Featuring 64 color mixing LED cells with a pitch of 125mm for double the resolution per square meter compared to the original 250mm version, the new Color Web 125 offers increased flexibility and improved results for displaying more detailed video content.

Darren pitched his idea to the festival using the Color Web 125 and won the contract to supply all production lighting, rigging, and trussing for the Jazz World Stage.

The Color Web was configured as six separate 5m long backdrops spaced evenly apart upstage and controlled by a Hippotizer media server connected to a lighting console, which was fed a wide variety of high resolution custom and library video clips and still images. Content included geometric and abstract images, wavey lines, and flame effects.

DPL busked the Color Web video feed for nearly all performances throughout the three-day music festival. They also ran the web and moving lights during several guest LD slots on the generics for artists including John Fogerty.

Parker notes, “The Color Web was brilliant. Because it works as a lighting fixture we were able to trigger video content from the console and really easily color match it with the moving lights and generics to get some great overall looks. It’s a very simple but effective solution for dressing the stage.”

The Chroma-Q™ Color Web is designed and manufactured by Artistic Licence and distributed worldwide by A.C. Lighting.

Chroma-Q™ Color Web is licensed by Artistic Licence, Color Kinetics, and Nexxus Lighting.