Check out Tom Kenny's lighting plots for The Who Quadrophenia and More Tour, and then check out our video interview with Kenny here.

The Who Quadrophenia and More Tour Credits

Tom Kenny, Lighting Designer
Roy Lamb, Production Manager
Jim Mustapha, Lighting Director/Programmer
David 'Fuji' Convertino, Additional Programming
Colin Payne, Video Content Supervisor
Mathieu Coutu, Video Director
 Giani Fabricio, Video Server Operator
Corey Tom, Lighting Crew Chief
Gerry Croteau, Lighting Crew
Cecil Nelson, Lighting Crew
Arnold Pereira, Lighting Crew
Pascal Barnes, Video Crew Chief
Sebastian Lamoureux, Video Crew
Barrie Roney,  Video Crew
Philippe Casutt, Video Crew

Lighting Vendor: PRG
Video Vendor: Solotech