Mariah Carey has launched her world tour The Adventures of Mimi. Beginning in Tunisia, the journey travels through the US, Canada, Japan, and China, ending on October 28th. On the road with Mariah are two grandMA full-size consoles and four NSPs.

The power of the MA system was great support to lighting designer Justin Collie and lighting director Michael “Sparky” Anderson who applied 56 Vari-Lite 3000 Spots, 50 Mac 2000 Washes, 38 Atomic Strobes, six 7K Syncrolites, and 44 Color Kinetics Color Blasts for the lighting rig. The task of programming the show was given to programmer Demfis Fyssicopulos. He comments, “As expected for Mariah, the production is as big as she is–Everywhere one looks, there’s something that just can’t be missed.”

The performance area consists of two stages, a main stage and a smaller B stage in the middle of the arena floor. The main stage took the form of a proscenium made out of a giant “M.” On the left is a curved staircase providing Mariah a walkway between both stages. In addition to the grand scenic elements, the show used a large amount of video elements. Four high-resolution LED screens that fly both the X and Y axis were used. The Proscenium “M” and surround ring for the circular LED screens were filled with Barco’s MiPix.

The proscenium area used several upstage trusses for lighting, scenic drapery and LED screen hanging points. In addition there are four moving light ladders, two per side. The B stage is under two curved trusses that hold all the air fixtures for that stage. Lighting and video system (Control Freak Systems) are both entirely controlled by the two grandMAs.