Italian electro-rock cult band Subsonica are currently touring with a powerful PixelRange showcase designed by lighting and stage designer Mamo Pozzoli. The rig features 18 PixelLine 110s, 21 PixelLine 1044s, and 18 PixelPar 90s.

Pozzoli enthuses, “I imagined the show as a metropolitan jungle: music, lighting, sound, visuals, all fighting at maximum level. I first used PixelRange products in 2005, each one for their own specific characteristics. Now they are a fundamental element in all my plots.”

The 110s are aligned to the two main trusses providing key lighting for the band, while the 1044s are rigged behind the band in seven horizontal groups creating a distinctive graphic sign. The PixelPars are positioned under the stage focusing on the musicians—all running synchronized to the songs’ beats per minute producing lots of surprising effects and dynamic textures.

Pozzoli designed an unusual set configuration to allow the band’s enthusiastic fans to be involved in the show. The stage is 20 meters (65 feet) long but only 4 meters (13 feet) wide, and is completely floor grilled. A forceful 2D setting emphasised by LED lighting and screens conceived and controlled as a huge graphic surface.

The PixelRange fixtures are mapped into the graphic layout of a MA grandMa console and powered by its bitmap effects engine. The rig also includes a mixture of moving lights and many James Thomas conventionals.

All the lighting is supplied by Musical Box Rent.
Photographs © Natascia Locati