Summit Steel is supplying the largest Kinesys Elevation variable speed chain hoist system used to date for the Oasis stadium tour, a 45-way Kinesys Elevation 1+ vari-speed automation and control system.

The system is being used to move 12 lighting ‘Quads’–customized frames each holding four Martin MAC 2000 moving lights and lined with PixelLine LED battens on the top rail and DJ Flash rope. There are two motors per quad, and these glide seamlessly in and out and up and down to create different patterns and configurations–effectively making a constantly moving stage set.

"I love the Kinesys system–it’s so smooth it’s almost imperceptible, there’s absolutely no jerking or juddering, and it fits perfectly into the design," says LD Andi Watson, who specified the system.

Additionally, there are four other moving trusses taking up 13 points, each of varying lengths and containing a total of 12 Syncrolite SX 3KW moving lights. Upstage of these moving trusses are another eight Elevation 1+ controlled hoists lifting four 2.6mx2.6m Barco DLite 7 LED video screens, each weighing approx. 850Kg.

The motors are all run off the Elevation system’s proprietary Vector PC-based software, which is flexible and offers millimeter accuracy and very smooth control. Automation operator Andy Beller is assisted by Toby Rouse on the system.

Summit’s project manager Jay Call and Kinesys’ Dave Weatherhead helped set the system up and stayed for the first two shows to ensure everything ran smoothly in extremely tight turnaround time–the tour kicked off with two back-to back shows.