Eighty Robe moving light fixtures lit the premier series of Slovakian Superstar–Slovakia’s version of the American/Pop Idol singer showcase. The fixtures were purchased specially for the show by Q-99, Slovakia’s largest lighting and sound rental company.

Superstar drew 1.8 million TV viewers (out of a population of approximately 5.5 million), who watched the 3,678 original applicants get whittled down to the 11 most talented finalists.

When Q-99 won the contract for Superstar, they made a substantial investment in new moving light technology for both indoor and outdoor use, buying the Robe fixtures from their near neighbours in the Czech Republic. Q-99 purchased their first Robe products–from the XT series–in 2002. Robe’s Czech Republic distributor KVS supplied the fixtures to Q-99.

The lighting rig was attached to various over-stage trusses, four were circular and moved. The Robe luminaires were scattered all over the trussing network and upstage on the set floor. The Robe gear included 20 ColorSpot 1200E ATs, 10 ColorWash 1200 ATs, 20 ColorSpot 575 Ats, 10 1200 XT Scanners, and 10 575 XT Scanners.

The Superstar set was based on three different spherical shaped performance areas, a series of stairways, six integral LED screens, and some in-built practical lighting highlighting architectural features like the curvature and stairs.

LD Martin Kubanka worked closely with DOP Jaro Zeman. Kubanka’s main lighting challenge was creating a design that looked as good on camera as it did for the live audience. "Luckily, I had great scope with the Robes," he says.

Kubanka thinks the color section of the Robe Wash and Spot 1200s is one of its best features; using the color wheel in combination with the CMY mixing system enables a great variety of colors. The ColorWash also contains some unique special color effect dichroics, giving split hues, which he used to create distinct signature looks during the series.

Slovakian Superstar was produced by state TV channel, STV1, directed by Richard Rybnicek, and was broadcast live on Friday nights from the National Tennis Center arena in the country’s capital, Bratislava.