Top Finnish metal superstars Nightwish used 28 Robe Show Lighting ColorSpot 1200 AT moving lights and 24 Wash 250 XTs on the final concert of their “Once “ world tour, staged at the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki. The show was also recorded for a DVD titled End of An Era.

The fixtures were specified by the band’s LD Tommi Stolt and supplied by Finnish rental company Akun Tehdas. Stolt picked Robe lights because he needed very bright spot and wash lights for the show.

The Robe’s created basic effects for the show and were positioned on the main rig over the stage and back wall horizontal trusses. The rig also contained a wide variety of generic fixtures, strobes, follow spots and video, and the lighting was run off a Wholehog 3 console.

Akun Tehdas’s Mika Ylijyra says, “We have always used a variety of different moving lights, but after this show we were so impressed by the Robes that we have decided to really concentrate on using them as our first choice from now on!”