Mary J. Blige is currently touring America with her summer tour, the Breakthrough Experience, featuring PixelRange fixtures supplied by Performance Lighting Inc.

The two hour show is full of impassioned singing, dancing, and testimonies about old demons and new revelations. But at the same time, it reflects a superstar performance with five costume changes and a lightshow to match.

Lighting designer Daunte Kenner, has created a rig that appears to be huge, and is carefully designed to give that illusion. The PixelLines are instrumental in the scheme, as they are attached to each of the curved pieces accentuating the radial effect. In total there are 12 PixelLine 1044s and 24 PixelArc Rs.

He explains, “The PixelLines are the eye-candy of the rig. They produce all the delicate effects, during the song ‘Stars in the Sky.’ But don’t underestimate the fixture. I also use them for punchy sequences during the more powerful numbers and I even use them to mimic photographers’ flash bulbs.”

Kenner first discovered PixelRange fixtures on the Depeche Mode tour and fell in love with them! He enthuses, “The PixelLines are very versatile from simple 10 channel color washing, strobing, and macro effects to complex video integration. They have the punch and resolution to satisfy any designer. Give the PixelLine 1044 a try. I’m sure you’ll see the light.”