Metallica is rocking audiences across Europe with their Sick of the Studio summer festivals tour. In addition to an appearance at the Live Earth event in London, the masters of metal played their own sold out show at Wembley Stadium the following day.

Also, 50,000 fans filled the field in Aarhus, Denmark to celebrate a rare homecoming of Lars Ulrich to his home country. Using a combination of Nocturne Productions’ high resolution Saco V9 LED, Barco D7, and Main Light Industries low resolution screens, the fans were treated to ultra close-up shots of the band with video and content directed by Patrick Paulson.

"I really love the V9 screens," said Butch Allen, Metallica's long time lighting designer and director. "They add a completely new flavor to the show."

Metallica continues to play festivals from Portugal to Moscow through July before returning to California to resume recording their new album.