LeAnn Rimes is touring the country with a production design centered on five High End Systems DL.2 digital light fixtures. LD Steve Fallon, assisted by programmer Keith Hoagland, decided to use the DL.2s after touring last year with its predecessor, the DL.1.

“The experience with the DL2s has been great,” says Fallon. “It’s like night and day–ease of use, compact and reliable–and by far a much better fixture for my tour.” The show also includes 10 HES Studio Command 700 automated wash luminaires. “The Studio Commands are super. With their full beam, they’re like little sky trackers. I will have them in play again next year,” he adds.

The production looks big but in reality is a one-truck show with a small crew. Fallon says production manager Bill Farris enjoys having the DL.2s in the show for their cost-effectiveness. Because the DL.2s combine lighting with video effects, it allows the small crew to offer so much more in their production looks, Fallon notes.

“It allows us to do the tour with only two people rather than with a video crew of four or five people,” Fallon says. “The Powers That Be can equate it with dollars and cents, everything from fuel costs to local crew costs. That’s how the DL.2s come into play. We also need a package like this that takes us to a variety of venues, from state fairs to casino showrooms.”

“Last year, LeAnn was so excited about DL.1 on the tour, and was asking what was 'next.' Now she's so excited about her show with DL.2s. She won’t do a show without them.”

Premier Global Productions is the lighting contractor, while Chas Herington of Zenith Lighting supplied the DL.2s.

LeAnn Rimes crew list:
LD: Steve Fallon
Programmers: Steve Fallon and Keith Hoagland
Production Manager: Bill Farris
Tour Manager: Steve Emley
Lighting Contractor: Premier Global Productions
DL2 Supplier: Zenith Lighting
HES Equipment: 5 DL2s, 10 Studio Commands