Laser Design Productions, Inc. is excited to once again team up with Justin Timberlake to create a laser design for the Future Sex Love Show Tour. Designer and president of Laser Design Productions, Doug Adams, created a club feel effect for three of Justin Timberlake’s hit songs; “Rock Your Body,” “Love Stoned,” and “Sexy Back.”

The production uses a 4-watt, full color, air-cooled diode laser system to produce beam and atmospheric effects, plus one fiber optic fed remote scanner. It is characterized by its brilliant colors, and high visibility factor. Long gone are the days of water and huge power consumption with gas lasers. The full color performance diode laser is ultra compact, lightweight, and can plug into a standard 110VAC. This laser represents the most modern semiconductor laser with no water-cooling system and no high power consumption.

In addition to the four diode lasers, two 12 watt red lasers, six LDP 10 laser projectors, and a total of 12 different sources are used to create atmospheric scan effects. Furthermore, over 60 bounce mirrors create multiple beam effects that are all controlled by Pangolin laser software.

The Future Sex Love Show Tour

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