Bandit Lites is supplying full lighting production for The Pussycat Dolls’ first production tour with lighting designer Scott Warner. The show plays UK arenas and an extensive European section, promoting the Dolls’ first album PCD.

It is also the first time that Bandit has worked with Warner and Production Manager, Bryan Cross—who also mixes both FOH and monitors.

Bandit UK’s chief executive, Lester Cobrin, comments, “The initial contact was made in August and the lines of communication between myself, Bryan, and Scott were so good that this tour was wrapped up, finalized, and put to bed quicker than ever. It’s been an absolute pleasure and privilege working with the PCD’s production team and I’m already looking forward to the next opportunity.”

Warner wanted to make the stage resemble a disco—colorful with lots of beams and movement—in keeping with the generally vivacious, dancey up-tempo pace of the PCD’s set. A veteran of numerous heavy metal acts, Warner designed a system that offered plenty of attitude and big rock show looks. The challenge was to create a rig that allowed the entire set to keep pace with The Pussycat Dolls’highly energized and choreographed performance.

Bandit supplied ten trusses—upstage, midstage, downstage, and two side trusses. There are also four upstage finger trusses which move during the show as well as a rear drapes truss. Warner’s design concept was to maximize the positioning of all fixtures to ensure all corners of the stage and set were reached.

Lighting instruments include Mac 2K profiles, which are currently Warner’s favorite fixture, Mac 700 washes, Mac 700 profiles, Atomic 3K strobes and 8-light Molefays. Warner added JTE PixelLine 1044s to light the girls and to enhance the overall ‘disco’ feel in addition to introducing illuminated architectural lines, which compliment the stage set. Additionally, there are 2K FOH followspots plus smoke and cracked oil machines. Warner is operating the show using a WholeHog II and wing.

Bandit’s crew include Steve “Stona” Rusling (crew chief), Ewan Cameron (dimmers), Dennis “Bear” Brown (technician) and Bryan “Bad Dog” Wilson (tour rigger).

Warner commented that he is very impressed with the Bandit Lites experience. Apart from all the fundamentals (such as well maintained gear and an excellent crew who are able to get the rig in and out very quickly and efficiently each day), Warner said he really appreciates the smaller details such as the customised motor control panel, the comprehensive Bandit tour production books and relevant lighting documentation, which he describes as “really nice touches.”