When Santana took the stage this Memorial Day for the first show of the North American leg of their 2005 world tour, a complete Ramlatch cabling system custom-built by Ramtech Industries, Inc., of Gainesville, FL supported them.

"We have found the Ramlatch system to be the most reliable and easiest to maintain on the road of all of the systems that we have tried," says FOH engineer Robert Mailman. California-based company Sound Image supplied the audio production.

The system consists of a standard Sound Image-style splitter system incorporating a front panel with 54 ea. female XLR inputs and 5 ea. W-1 Sub Stage Box inputs; a rear panel with male XLR outputs with ground lift switches and three Ramlatch multi-pin outputs. The Ramlatch outputs consist of one direct line, one utilizing the ground lifts in line and one transformer isolated. A 25’ Ramlatch-to-male XLR fan-out cable for monitors and a 300’ FOH run with Ramlatch multi-pin disconnects round out the system.

"We have found Ramtech transformers to be very consistent and high quality," says David Gautrey, Sound Image’s lead technician. "They compare with any professional-grade microphone-splitting transformer on the market today."

Unique to the rig is an interface panel that incorporates a number of ATI line level microphone splitters. This unit has Ramlatch multi-pin connectors that run parallel to the panel mount XLRs as well as XLR fan-outs, in order to accommodate microphone preamps.

TMB is the worldwide distributor for Ramtech products.

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