Last month, Amsterdam, the Netherlands was host to the launch of the first holographic artist on tour in a 3D Hologram Roadshow, Glennis Grace.

Telecom company KPN organized the show to tour to 20 Dutch cities to promote the adaption of fiber to its residential customers. Grace sung a duet with her own hologram as a special act to kick off the tour.

The 40' trailer has a nearly 30' wide stage and  is equipped with five Sanyo PLC-XF46N 13,000-lumen projectors, lighting and sound systems, and a 32'-wide Peppers Ghost foil. To guarantee the quality of the illusion, the foil is hung in an air-conditioned space in a free-floating frame. Three projectors are used for the hologram and two to create a background image. 

The video system setup includes Apple Keynote software to play the video files, two Apple Mac Pros--one each for dual and triple configurations--with solid-state drives connected to a Datapath splitter. One Apple MacBook controls Keynote in sync on the Mac Pros via the network with KeyShowX. The content was created using Autodesk 3ds Max and Adobe After Effects.



Production and Content: Cross Media Factory and LiveLAB

Strategy/Creation: Energize

Client: KPN