Pyrotek Special Effects was proud to once again collaborate with Canada’s National Music Station, Much Music, for the 2007 Much Music Video Awards (MMVA). The company has been providing effects for the last four annual Much Music Video Awards.

After recently being involved with the BET and MTV Video Awards the MMVA’s provided a unique challenge as it is held outdoors where environmental factors are uncontrollable. This year’s show consisted of four separate stages allowing fans to get close to artists and one of Toronto’s busiest streets, Queen Sreet, was shut down. The area was packed with over 6,000 cheering fans.

This year’s objective for Pyrotek and MMVA producers was to provide an entertaining and engaging look. Pyrotek designer and president Doug Adams worked out the special effects designs with the band managers of Avril Lavigne, Finger Eleven, Alexis on Fire, Fergie, Belly & Genuine, and Hilary Duff. After finalized designs were collaborated with John Kampillis (MMVA producer), and John Keffer, (MMVA director) the ideas were implemented and made for an impressive award show.

The show consisted of a spectacular performance by Finger Eleven. The piece added a new flare to the show as they played atop of one of Toronto’s high-rise buildings as Pyrotek Inc. created a blast of outdoor effects dispersed from three separate building rooftops. The effects for the titled song “Paralyzer” were sequenced to set choruses and specific instrumental cues. The effects list for Finger Eleven consisted of 40 custom multi-shot boards, 219 sequenced yellow, red, orange, and silver comets with tails, and an additional 94 silver, orange, and yellow mines.

Avril Lavigne, performed her summer time hit “Girlfriend” which included 11 pink confetti mines, with an additional 10 silver airbursts to conclude her performance.

Belly and Genuine’s act included a cryo chase effect from four cryo jet heads as the artists made there way from inside the Much Music Building to the streets of Toronto.