Performance Environment Design Group contacted Moment Factory to discuss how the vision for the 2013 Bon Jovi Because We Can World Tour design could be fully realized leveraging Moment Factory's expertise in projection mapping. Moment Factory conceived and produced more than 20 different animations for the first leg of the tour.

The design envisioned moving stage scenography with 70+ moving elements developed with Tait. Moment Factory created content to be mapped on the 40 hexagonal towers surrounding the stage that moved up and down to create different shapes and visuals with direct artistic input from Jon Bon Jovi himself. The content and the movement worked in synergy to create a never before seen visual experience that was a kinetic sculpture. Control Freak Systems developed software along with AI media server from Avolites Media that integrated the movement of the sculpture with the projection of the content. Moment Factory and Control Freak worked closely to embed the show control with the dynamic content for a seamless presentation that allows the programmers discretion in cueing the show.

Moment Factory’s commitment was renewed for the second, stadium leg of tour, as well. The stage was transformed into a giant model of the front end of a ’59 Buick, designed by PEDG and built by Tait Towers. Moment Factory created more than ten new video sequences, including an intro and outro. The imagery is shown on dozens of screens arranged across the entire 177' width of the stage. Giant screens on either side of the stage show the band in action, framed by content delivered by servers provided by Control Freak and PRG.

Check out footage from the tour, and read more about all design aspects here.




Moment Factory Arena Leg Credits
Producer: Daniel Jean
Multimedia Director: Nelson De Robles
Artistic Director: Sakchin Bessette
Project Management & Coordinator: Geneviève Isabelle Michaud
Logistic Coordinator: Sarah Lemarchand
Motion Designers: Aude Guivarc’h, Simon Léveillé, Charlotte Risch, Katie Wilson, Adriano Zanetti
Designers: Esteban Chacin, Tarik Mikou, Nicolas Da Fonseca
Content Team Manager: Catherine Turp
Content Coordinator: Andrea Feder
Technical Support: François Desrochers, François Godard
R&D Playback System Analysts: Vincent Pasquier, Nicolas Dubé Pauzé

Moment Factory Stadium Leg Credits
Creative Director: Sakchin Bessette
Producer: Daniel Jean
Multimedia Director: Nelson De Robles
Project Manager: Geneviève Isabelle Michaud
Motion Designers: Aude Guivarc'h, Gregory Stankowski, Olivier Beaudoin, Charlotte Risch, Katie Wilson, Jonathan Guillou
Designers: Tarik Mikou, Joanna Czadowska, Simon Léveillé, Nicolas Da Fonseca
Content Manager: Andrea Feder
Technical Manager: François Desrochers
Images Research: Sarah Severson