Check out projection gear and personnel for the stadium leg of Bon Jovi's Because We Can: The Tour. Read our extensive coverage of the tour here.

Performance Environment Designer: Doug “Spike” Brant, PEDG

Video Equipment
Provided by PRG Nocturne
2 PRG Nocturne V-18 18mm LED Side Screens 27’Wx33’H (IMAG Reinforcement)
252 PRG Nocturne V-9 Lite 9mm LED Modules Custom Grille and Turn Signals
1 Full HD Broadcast System
6 Thomson Grass Valley LDK 6000 WorldCam HD Cameras
3 Fujinon Long Lenses (86:1, 72:1, 66:1)
2 Wide Angle Lenses
4 Ikegami HL-45 HD Cameras (2 Robotic, 2 Fixed)
2 Grass Valley HD Kayak 2 M/E Switcher
1 64x64 Router Matrix

PRG Nocturne
Mark O’Herlihy: Head of LED Operations, PRG Nocturne UK

Touring Personnel
Video Director: George Elizondo
Video Engineer: Jason Lipton
Crew Chief: Carson Austin
LED/Camera: Simon Schofield, Mark Woody, Drew Welker, Steve Tomanek, Josh Marrano
LED/Utility: Josh Phoebus, Chris Kemp

Video Control Equipment and Solutions
Provided by Control Freak Systems
3 Barco Encore 3ME Processors
1 CFS Encore DMX Bridge
1 CFS ADAMS Audio Reactive Server System
1 CFS Multi Tap Server System
1 CFS Freakulizer Previsualization System
5 PRG Mbox Extreme Media Servers
2 MA Lighting grandMA2 light Consoles

CFS Touring Personnel
CFS Tour Crew Chief: Troy Giddens
CFS Programmer/Tour Operator: Kirk J. Miller

CFS Programming and Support Personnel
CFS Technical Director/Project Manager: Dirk Sanders
Previsualization Engineer: Ryan Middlemiss
CFS Graphic Programming Artist: George Toledo