Lloyds TSB recently organized an interactive conference for 1,300 customer service managers in West Kensington’s Olympia Exhibition Center to launch a new training initiative. Echoing the coaching and training aspect and in line with Lloyds TSB's drive to become Britain's most recommended Bank, the event was themed “Strictly Recommended” and the stage featured a PixelArt staircase on which the dancers from the TV show made a grand entrance.

Lighting designer Nick Gray explains, “For this show we wanted something a bit more subtle than a PixelLine 1044 or 110, but with just as much punch. The new PixelArt batten fitted the requirements perfectly.” The stairwell contained 24 PixelArts, which complemented the theatrics of the rest of the stage set and their bright intensity was exactly what was needed for an opening entrance.

Gray continues, “We were looking for a more defined look without being too high resolution. The PixelArts offered the flexibility of high output effects and video—and the fact they are so light weight made life easy as well.” The stage also featured a ground row of 20 PixelLine 1044s uplighting the rear drape.

The design of the stage and set was conceived by Conference Connections and realised in conjunction with Ian Harvey, Sculptivate, and Renegade Lighting Design. Having worked together many times, the combination of the design and production team meant that the show ran effortlessly and looked fantastic.

The lighting was programmed via a Catalyst PM controlled by a Hog 2 and Wing operated by Trent O'Connor. All equipment was supplied by Neg Earth.

PixelArt is a modular LED video product allowing designers to build their own custom display surface. Each batten consists of 6 by 72 tri-colored LED pixels, each pixel being individually controllable. The VideoMapper streams a video source out to the attached fixtures.