Check into the newly-opened Terror Hotel in the Canary Islands and the Medialon Manager will make your visit something you’ll never forget. Terror Hotel is a component of Parque Europa, the newest attraction at Baku adventure park in Fuerteventura where visitors enjoy a water park, mini golf, gardens, forests, shops, and restaurants on over 500,000 feet of landscaped grounds. In the best tradition of the classic Hollywood haunted house, Terror Hotel was conceived by Grup Graf, a set design and construction company headquartered in Barcelona. It features full technical control by Medialon Manager.

With Medialon, the Grup Graf team will maintain the artistic concept of Terror Hotel as well as gain the ability to program new shows in different languages in the future. Medialon met the challenges of the tight deadlines and budget restrictions on the project, the first of its type for Grup Graf.

At the Terror Hotel Medialon Manager controls 16 channels of Medialon Audio Server sound, IrBox RedRat-controlled DVD players, Artistic License interfaces for 60-dimmer channels of lighting, plus inputs (presence sensors, door magnetic sensors, switches, and push buttons ) and outputs (electrovalves, relays, and signs) for four Adlink 6060 and four Adlink 6053 Nudam modules. The Medialon Audio Server (MAS) offers unique features for Ride, walk-through attractions, and any audio playback application. Each of its 24 to 96 independent channels can be synchronized to video—independently or by group. Thanks to its position tracking capability (positrack®), programming of video and light effects synchronization to audio is very easy using Medialon Manager Show Control software. Several MAS can be linked over IP and synchronized together.

The project was conceived by artistic director Pere Francesch under the technical design and direction of Joan Anton Llarch. It was managed by company owner Xavier Amat.