Fuchu is a residential area located about 30 minutes from central Tokyo. It is a developing area that has seen quite a few enhancements including the redevelopment of Fuchu station. In conjunction with that, Kururu, a giant shopping center, was opened in spring 2005.

Kururu is a shopping complex made up of two buildings, each six stories tall. The complex includes more than just shops and restaurants however. A cinema complex and other amusement facilities make Kururu an amusement shopping center that has been attracting customers since its opening.

The shopping center sought to add an attractive, eye catching element to the complex, both on the outer fa├žade and inner courtyard area. A dynamic color changing solution was supplied by Martin Professional Japan in the form of Martin Architectural Exterior 200 and Alien 02 color changers with lighting design by Reiko Chikada Lighting Design Inc.

Towers of Light

Six stories of opal glass windows on both sides of the buildings are illuminated internally using 22 full-range color mixing Alien 02 architectural lights. Vividly distinguishable against the nighttime sky and visible from around the surrounding area, the beckoning color changing glass windows resemble two towers of light.

Inner Courtyard

Dynamic Martin lighting has also been incorporated into an inner courtyard. Located overhead between the buildings is a series of stretched canvas canopies that provide protection from the elements yet allow an abundant amount of sun to penetrate the space during the day.

At night, however, the elegant canopies went unnoticed and an indirect lighting solution was needed to liven up the space. The canvases are dynamically illuminated by 24 Exterior 200 color changing luminaires. Mounted on side wall brackets, the Martin Exteriors play an important decorative role in the space after sunset.