Large format projection specialists E\T\C UK projected onto Buckingham Palace for the Final Government Commemorations of World War II, marking 60 years since the cessation of hostilities. Working for event producers, Unusual Services, whose client was the Ministry of Defence (MOD), E\T\C UK's Ross Ashton worked with creative director Sheelagh Barnard to produce the show. The projections — “Images from The Archives,” a five-year chronological photo album of nearly 500 war-year images — were beamed onto the Palace for the five nights running up to the weekend of celebratory events.

Seven 6kW PIGI projectors with double rotating scrollers were programmed by Andy Murrell using PIGI OnlyCue software running on a PC, with onsite support from technician Cy Doddimead. They utilized 15.5cm lenses, and each projected an image approximately 32m wide.

Getty Images donated the rights of the photos used to the project. Once Barnard had made her final selection, they were submitted to the Queen who approved each one — before they were handed to Ross Ashton for making into PIGI scrolling and animated artwork.

The 24-minute show ran four times per night.