The art of light can be used to support any event, including selling books about art. Such was the case when Levy Lighting NYC illuminated the launch of The Art of Buying Art: An Insider’s Guide to Collecting Contemporary Art, written by Paige West, owner of the art gallery Mixed Greens.

The party was at the Xchange on Manhattan’s 28th Street, overlooking the Hudson. Outdoors, the words “BUY ART” were projected onto adjacent water towers for a large part of New York City and New Jersey to see. A large image of the book’s cover was projected onto the roof.

“Through lighting we represented the theme of the book—to make the purchase of art delightful and accessible,” says Ira Levy, president of Levy Lighting NYC.
“Against the pleasing orange light, the backdrop of Manhattan on a summer’s eve created a mellow, inviting environment for guests interested in collecting art.”

A strong glow of orange light was installed along the terrace perimeter, shining through the modern wooden railing; the outdoor bar was also brightly illuminated in orange. All roof lighting was accomplished with wireless LED fixtures.

Indoors, the “BUY ART” theme and art from the book were crossfaded onto white walls “Las Vegas” style. The color theme was carried out by bordering interior spaces with orange light pipes.

Matthew Robbins of Artfool in Manhattan produced the event.