Cincinnati-based Theatre Effects sold a Viper NT fogger from Look Solutions to the first ever KISS Coffeehouse in the US. The Viper NT contributes to the shop’s promise of coffee with an attitude by generating fog, which rolls out of giant KISS boots built into the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina storefront. The 20-foot tall, stylized boots, reminiscent of Gene Simmons’s signature footwear, flank the Coffeehouse’s glass facade.

“KISS Coffeehouse needed to have fog come out of the oversized boots at timed intervals,” notes Doug Weber, owner of Theatre Effects. “The Viper NT was a natural choice thanks to its digital timer and its reliability. It’s very dependable. The Viper is built like a Sherman tank. And its interface is very easy and intuitive, which is important in a location like this where any employee could be in charge of the system.”

A single Viper NT is ducted to the two boots. “The machine is near the boots inside the building,” Weber notes. “Since the boots operate continuously during shop hours the Viper required more than a one-gallon fluid container. So we provided a fluid delivery system that feeds from a 55-gallon drum and keeps filling a five-gallon pail next to the machine.”

The Viper NT is a compact, powerful fog generator with DMX 512 control, improved safety features, and simple operation. Its output can be adjusted in increments of one percent to produce both tiny fog clouds and the thickest fog.