XS Lighting & Sound, Inc. unveiled its latest retail digital signage (RDS) installation in Times Square for the Dallas BBQ restaurant, located on New York’s famed 42nd Street. Measuring 20’ high by 3’ thick, with giant letters each 3’ wide, the sign consists of 1,200 individual Color Kinetics iColor® MR g2 LED bulbs.

To promote the eatery’s new 35,000sq.ft. space, David Mellina from Midtown Neon Sign Corporation contracted Dougie Lazer, principal designer and president of XS Lighting & Sound, to co-design, program, and install the lighting for this sign. Lazer worked with Spectrum Signs, who built the steel structure, sealed and weatherproofed the sign using silicon over the entire surface.

“This sign is unique in that it is fully programmable and digital end-to-end,” explains Lazer. “It’s remarkable what we can do. For example, we can make the sign into a television screen and play a video. We shot video footage of a raging fire and then imported that data into the sign so that it appears as though the sign is burning. We can program whatever images the client wants, and since the sign is two-sided and rotates, two different images can stream at once.”