The theme for the 39th Tokyo Motor Show, held October 21-November 6, was "'Driving Tomorrow!' from Tokyo." The CT Germany team provided video, lighting and broadcast technology to the Volkswagen and Saab stands to give the car manufacturers a look of the future.

For Volkswagen’s international press conference, CT gave three camera systems, the corresponding switchers, and a character generator as well as a teleprompter from the CT rental park. This year, Volkswagen’s stand concept featured combination of Barco MiPIX modules and high-resolution Barco ILite 6 XP LED screen. A total of 24 individual MiPIX modules were installed on the right and left side of the 9 sq. m., high-resolution 6mm LED screen; they were integrated over a width of 25m into the communication screen. The CT team also supplied the entire audio technology for the stand of more than 1,100 sq.m.

Saab’s stand featured an open design with three individual LED screens integrated into architecture of the stand: two Versa™LIGHTGUIDE LED screens (Element Labs VersaTILE modules) and a high-resolution Barco ILite 6 XP LED screen, 4x4m each. The stand also featured with two internet terminals and four interactive car display systems, which were equipped with the Saab car software programmed by the CT multimedia specialists.

CT also provided audio and broadcast equipment to other projects during the show: on a Bugatti press conference, and Creative Technology London supported the Ford Motor Company.