Coemar provided–through the official light contractors–a vast amount of products and technicians to the 2006 Turin Winter Games. One of their lighting creations, the House of Flags, stood next to one of the most impressive symbols of the Olympic Games, the Medal Plaza.

The Medal Plaza was the large stage erected in the middle of the Piazza Castello that hosted prize-giving ceremonies, entertainment, and major musical events (Lou Reed, Ricky Martin, Bocelli, Cocciante). Next to the stage–in an atmosphere made magical by the illumination of the surrounding buildings–was the House of Flags.

The Flags were a daring creation featuring LED backlighting and the “digital” flags of the participating nations. Coemar used 360 PCB 3 LED White 6500s with RJ45s, 360 45° Optics, 30 RegoBox Powers and 60 6-channel HUBs to ccreate these flags. The visual impact was stunning, so much so that the local daily newspaper La Stampa featured the House of Flags on the front cover of a special supplement.