Barco Beijing and Beijing-based installation company Glory Vision have developed a 3D video system, consisting of a large, curved 3D projection screen, especially for the Beijing Capital Museum’s exhibitions on Chinese and Beijing history. The companies installed a Medialon Show Manager system to control the Barco system plus all of the museum’s projectors, computers, and room lighting.

The Beijing Capital Museum, located in the 14th century Confucius Temple, focuses on historic Beijing through pictures, models, and cultural relics including stoneware, bronzes, ceramics, stone inscriptions, calligraphy, and paintings. A recent four-year reconstruction project has resulted in 13 themed exhibition rooms displaying 5,622 items. The museum covers an area of 63,390sq.m and boasts a 2,000-sq.m central hall. It is second in size only to the China National Museum.

Medialon met the challenge of a short turnaround time, which required considerable on-site improvisation. Medialon Show Manager pilots six display computers and the main computer at the museum, six projectors controlled by a serial box server, and four room lighting relays controlled by a Nudam relay box.

Show Manager acts like an intelligent remote, controlling computers and projectors with a countdown to replay the show and dim the room light. Medialon trained museum technicians to use the system for current and future installations. Barco Beijing’s Peter Yang, sales manager for simulation systems, worked closely with Glory Vision on the project.