Pippin Lighting Personnel

Lighting Designer:  Kenneth Posner

Associate Lighting Designer: Anthony Pearson

Assistant Lighting Designer: Jonathan Spencer

Production Electrician: James Fedigan

Head Electrician: Patrick Ainge

Automated Lighting Programmer: Timothy F. Rogers

Deck Electrician/Pyro Technician: Kevin Strohmeyer

Front Lights: Sandy Paradise (lead), Billy Rowland, Robert Rowland

House Electrician: William K. Rowland 


Pippin Lighting Gear

Supplied by PRG Lighting, Darren DeVerna President

Control and Dimming

2 ETC Eos Lighting Console, 4,096 Outputs (1 x Main, 1 x ML Programmer)

1 ETC Eos RPU 4,096 Outputs (Backup)

4 ETC Net3 RVI

4 ETC Net3 4 Port DMX Gateways

2 ETC Net3 Show Control Gateways

8  19” Flat Panel Elo Touch Monitors for Eos Consoles

12  19” Flat Panel Monitors

5  1,800W Uninterruptible Power Supply

5  EtherCON Network Hub

1 Wireless Ethernet Hub

12 DMX Opto-Splitters

4 ETC Sensor 96x2.4kW Dimmer Rack

1 ETC Sensor 6x5kW Dimmer Rack

6 ETC Sensor Relay Modules

2 ETC Sensor CC20 Modules

1 48-Way Motion Labs 208v Power Distribution Rack

1 Motion Labs 24x2.4kW Relay/Cue Light system

2 City Theatrical SHoW DMX Transmitter

5 City Theatrical SHoW DMX Receiver

5 City Theatrical SHoW DMX 3x10A Dimmer

Conventional and Automated Instruments

4 ETC Source Four 10° Ellipsoidal

8 ETC Source Four 14° Ellipsoidal

100 ETC Source Four 19° Ellipsoidal

55 ETC Source Four 26° Ellipsoidal

30 ETC Source Four 36° Ellipsoidal

40 ETC Source Four 50° Ellipsoidal

9 ETC Source Four 70° Ellipsoidal

16 ETC Source Four PAR NSP

12 ETC Source Four PAR MFL

10 ETC Source Four PAR WFL

14 PAR 16 Birdie MFL @ 100W

56 PAR 16 Short-Nose Birdie MFL @ 100W

6 Arri True Blue Theatre ST5 5kW Fresnel

4 Mini Ten w/ Barn Doors @ 1000W (Show Lights)

8 Mini Ten w/No Barn Doors @ 300W (Work Lights)

8 Mini Ten w/No Barn Doors @ 500W (Work Lights)

10 Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlaze 72” TRX RGBAW LED 32° Lens

34 Philips Vari-Lite VL3000Q Spot

3  Lycian M2 2.5kW HMI Followspot Long Throw Lens

Effects and Scrollers

38 Wybron Coloram II 7.5” Color Scroller

10Wybron Coloram II 4” Color Scroller

6 Wybron Coloram II 24 Way Power Supply

2 MDG Atmosphere Hazer w/DMX Control

3 Viper NT Fogger w/DMX Control

5  JEM AF-1 DMX Fan


6 City Theatrical 12” Top Hat

8 City Theatrical 10” Half Top Hat

8 City Theatrical 10” Short Half Top Hat

12 City Theatrical 7.5” Top Hat

10 City Theatrical 7.5” Half Top Hat

112 City Theatrical 6.25” Top Hat

38 City Theatrical 6.25” Short Top Hat

24 City Theatrical 6.25” Half Top Hat

10 City Theatrical 6.25” Short Half Top Hat

34City Theatrical VL3000 Top Hat

6 4-Leaf Barn Door (Arri 5kW Fresnel)

80 Source Four A Size Template Holder

20 Source Four Drop-In Iris