LD: Did you refabricate the tent for New York?

Pask: For Cambridge, Rachel Keebler from Cobalt Studios painted the canopy of the tent and it was beautiful, but here in New York I wanted to add some additional detail, and PRG did all of that. They painted the lower tent with the harlequin pattern, so that there was a lot more movement, and it ties into the intermission curtain, which is also new here. That was all developed working with PRG, who built the scenery, and they did all the scenic fabrications. The painters there are amazing; it was Joe Forbes and his team working on it all and bringing that world all together. They were another important part of the overall collaboration; I have worked with both PRG and Joe Forbes’ Scenic Arts Studios a lot.

LD: Any final thoughts?

Pask: The thing that is always exciting to me is when you really create a world and when the collaboration all really comes together. It is amazing to be working with someone as brilliant as Ken Posner, whose work is beyond spectacular; as brilliant as Diane Paulus—we just marked our 15th year of collaboration. I just find that her rigor, conceptual clarity, and brilliance are always inspiring to me, and I think she inspires that in her team. I think that Gypsy Snider is also an incredible collaborator as is Chet Walker; Dominique Lemieux’s clothes--one costume is more amazing then the next. All of these people who work so hard in their departments and then it all comes together. Even up to the end, when we were sitting together watching and saying, "Let’s tweak that or this," and we are all nodding. When you are all in concert like that, it is thrilling to work in theatre. The amazing creativity of everybody is really, really inspiring to me as an artist. To me, it is so exciting when you create something that is now sort of seared into the minds of the people that are seeing it, and there are so many of those moments in this show, things that are so unforgettable.

Pippin Scenic Personnel and Vendors
Diane Paulus, Director
Chet Walker, Choreography in the style of Bob Fosse
Gypsy Snider, Circus Creation
Scott Pask, Scenic Design
Jeff Hinchee, Scenic Associate
Edward Pierce, Design Supervisor
Jake Bell, Production Supervisor
Paul Kieve, Illusions
Chic Silber, Fire Effects
PRG, LLC, Scenic Fabrications and Scene Painting
ZFX, Inc., Flying Effects