Creative Technology has announced the addition of John Yesco to its project management staff.

Yesco is an industry veteran who began his career in the early 80s as a technical director for an Atlanta cable access station. He then secured a position with Turner Broadcasting as an associate producer/researcher on the documentary series Portrait of America. While at TBS, Yesco worked on several other award-winning projects such as Iran, Behind the Veil and Jacques Cousteau, The First 75 Years.

Yesco then relocated to Southern California and served as a production coordinator on Fox Television’s Dr. Science. He then entered the corporate production world as managing producer/director for XEN, Xerox’s first live, interactive business television network. In the mid 90s, he entered live staging, joining AVHQ as a project manager. There, he managed the live staging requirements for numerous high profile clients such as Intel, GP Johnson, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Time Warner, and the broadcast press areas for The Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, American Idol, and the Billboard Music Awards. Yesco can be reached at 818.206.5598 or via email at